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Back-to-base monitoring is essential for any Australian family or business seeking true and comprehensive security protection. Electralarm Security only sells and installs alarms monitored professionally back to base. Generally most local alarms are ignored as they are heard so often people assume that it is a false alarm. The alarm systems that only send SMS text messages are by our standards providing people with a false sense of security and wrong information. What if your mobile was switched of or the battery flat or the message to your phone was delayed because of signal strength. You can see how unreliable this mode of monitoring is.

Most insurance companies these days before offering coverage will state that you are required to have back to base monitoring or may charge a premium if not. Without back-to-base monitoring on your home or business alarm system, you may as well not have installed it in the first place.In the event of an alarm a monitoring centre that has experienced staff needs to be alerted, they will immediately investigate the genuinity of the alarm and rapidly respond to protect your property from intruders. Most monitored centres have specially licensed operators who are on duty to monitor any alarms triggered from your home or business 24 hours a day 365 days a year, they can also alert security personnel to quickly respond to intruder alarms.

Hence the greatest benefit of back-to-base monitoring is peace of mind.

Please click here to be redirected to our partner company, Onwatch, which owns and operates an Australian Standards (AS2201.2-2004) compliant monitoring centre.

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