FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Our alarm system has a service or fault light on. What does this mean? And what do we do?
Your alarm system is indicating it requires service and or maintenance. There can be a variety of problems causing this issue and therefore should be evaluated by an experienced technician.
We are going on holidays, is there anything we should do?
If your system is monitored you should call our monitoring partner Onwatch on 1300 732 262 to advise of your holiday dates and arrange a new contact person who you nominate to act on your behalf in the case of an alarm and a new temporary key holder list for the period you are away. You should ensure that someone you trust has keys to access your premises and knows your wishes in case of a problem. Ensure your house or business is secure before leaving.
Our alarm system is going off for no apparent reason.

There can be several reasons why this is happening:

  • Check your home for large Insects such as moths, spiders, mice, rats or anything likely to trigger the detectors and then remove them.
  • Check that all windows and doors have been securely shut.
  • Ensure your pets are put outside before leaving the premises.
  • If all of the above have been checked, your alarm system may require maintenance as one or more aspects of the system is faulting. The cause of the problem can vary and should be evaluated by an experienced technician. 
Our alarm system is monitored and we have set our alarm system off accidentally, what should we do?
You should call the phone number on your sticker or code pad or alarm panel and advise them of this. Always keep this number somewhere safe as you will be asked about it when making contact with our control room.
We have purchased a house with an Electralarm Security alarm installed. Do we need to do anything?

We strongly advise new owners to change their PIN codes as soon as possible.

We have lost our voice code. What should we do?

Call Onwatch on 1300 732 262 to arrange new voice codes and to arrange for programming.

We want to change the access PIN codes on our alarm system. How can we do this?
You have several choices:

  • Read your user manual and follow the instructions for changing the codes. You must know your master code to enable changes.
  • If you don’t have a user manual, check if an email copy is available for your system, or you can arrange an appointment for one of our technicians to program your alarm system for you at our standard rates.

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