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Electralarm Security offers a wide range of reliable and cost effective home alarm packages to protect your Home from intruders.

With optional back to base alarm monitoring and alarm response patrols, you and your family can now rest and enjoy ultimate peace of mind with 24/7 protection, knowing that are being taken care off.

What do I get?

Choose from the following alarm packages to suit your property and security needs:

1Monitored Home Alarm Package
Tailored specifically for the average family home, this package includes:

  • Main control panel with back-up battery and AC plug pack
  • LCD keypad
  • External siren and strobe light
  • Internal siren
  • 3 x movement sensors (PIR)

2Monitored small home or Apartment Alarm Package
Ideal for residents of apartments/units, including renters who move from place to place, this package includes:

  • All-in-one control panel with back-up battery, keypad and on-board siren
  • 2 x movement sensors (PIR)
  • 1 x wireless remote (Key Fob)

The following devices can also be integrated into our Alarm Packages:

Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Detector
Includes motion sensors to detect intruders in your home. There is either a wired or wireless version to suit your home with Pet-friendly also available.

CCTV Surveillance Equipments

Dual Technology and Tri Technology Detectors
Combines Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensors with microwave detection technologies for much greater and more reliable performance under harsh conditions.

Door and Window Reed switches
Giving a definite peace of mind for your family, these perimeter security switches activate your alarm if an intruder attempts to force open a door or window.

Monitored Smoke Detector
With the ability to be monitored through your intruder alarm system, these smoke detectors provide early warning alerts for you and your family.

Wireless Remote
You can arm and disarm your home security system with the push of a button. These Unique code works exclusively with your compatible security alarm system.

Panic/Duress Button
Keep your loved ones safe with these double push panic/duress buttons. They offer 24/7 protection and are Police compliant.

Wireless Pendant Button
Featuring a large red button these wireless pendants transmit an instant alert 24/7, to the monitoring centre or to whoever you nominate it to go to.

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