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Surepoll is Australia’s favourite high-security alarm transmission system and gives you more security, more reliability and more intelligence than any other solution.


More Secure

With Surepoll you don’t just get one alarm transmission path you get five. Surepoll sends alarm transmissions via GPRS, 3G, GSM, IP, and PSTN. Multiple transmission paths are a safer and more secure option for your clients.

More Reliable

Surepoll offers faster transmission speeds via a dedicated fibre link on the Telstra network, with scalable data capacity. Surepoll also has redundancy at every level of communication, so your critical communications are always backed up. Surepoll even has a back up satellite option for the delivery end of the transmission path.

More Intelligent

Surepoll offers alarm installers and monitoring centres some truly unique features that no other solution can offer, including PFP, Intelipath and SG2.


PFP (Poll Fail Protocol) is a patented protocol that capitalises on the unique dynamics of the TDMA network. With PFP we can eliminate false poll fails, determine the cause of a poll fail, and then report it to the monitoring centre accordingly. It also eliminates the need for poll quarantines because every poll fail that comes through is a real fail. Thanks to PFP Surepoll has the lowest poll fail rates in the industry.


Intelipath is a patented alarm transmission protocol, which is fully automated and redirects alarm transmissions via the SDC Exchange when the monitoring centre experiences an outage or receiver failure. Your phone lines and alarm receivers can be down and you can still be receiving alarm transmissions.


The SG2 receiver not only performs as a receiver for Surepoll but also has the ability to deliver multiple alarm transmission protocols, redundancy for alarm diallers and receivers, off site secure database back up, control room co-location and secure remote access for bureaus.

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